TWO – It's a Magic Number

Google AuthTwo Factor Authentication – sound a bit complicated – but is surprisingly easy and useful… As with all security things I am never sure anything on-line can be 100% secure (Hello NSA / Prism) But the fact that some banks use a similar system for adding an extra layer of security – then it cant be all that bad …
Anyway – Digital Ocean provide an option for having two Factor Authentication to your account. This basically means you need an app on your phone that generates a number so you can log in to your account. I already have Two Factor Authentication enabled on my Google account – so I have the Google Authenticator App on my phone. I didnt realise that DO would use this to let me log in to my account! Very cool!!
Once you have an account set-up with Digital Ocean – just go to settings and then follow the instructions to get it set-up.

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