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TWO – It's a Magic Number

Google AuthTwo Factor Authentication – sound a bit complicated – but is surprisingly easy and useful… As with all security things I am never sure anything on-line can be 100% secure (Hello NSA / Prism) But the fact that some banks use a similar system for adding an extra layer of security – then it cant be all that bad …
Anyway – Digital Ocean provide an option for having two Factor Authentication to your account. This basically means you need an app on your phone that generates a number so you can log in to your account. I already have Two Factor Authentication enabled on my Google account – so I have the Google Authenticator App on my phone. I didnt realise that DO would use this to let me log in to my account! Very cool!!
Once you have an account set-up with Digital Ocean – just go to settings and then follow the instructions to get it set-up.

An illuminating LAMP

I chose to go down the root of installing LAMP myself. Well the AMP bit …
Now those of you who know me as a tech in the entertainment world might wonder why i’m installing Lamps and Amps in to my shed… In this virtual world LAMPs and AMPs are just as important to the “entertainment” world I inhabit in real life. Installing them yourself is half most of the fun! Plus when they go wrong – you only have yourself to blame …
For those not in the know – LAMP Linux Apache Mysql PHP are the building blocks upon which most of the web is built.
If i’m honest … I can’t remember exactly which guide I followed …. But this one seems like a good start ...


To FTP or NOT-FTP that was the question

Well it was a question with a simple answer …. As a lot of my shed is built upon WordPress – and as far as I can see WordPress needs FTP to update and add plugins etc… I needed FTP …
This was a really good guide to getting VS-FTP set up


I didn’t follow it to the letter – my user is allowed out of its home directory. It would make adding files to WordPress a tad difficult … I didn’t get theĀ “refusing to run with writeable root inside chroot” error so I didn’t have to do the work-arround