On thursday lunch time this week I got a call to from my brother letting me know that he thought my dad was having a heart attack.
The next 10 or so hours are a bit of blur – but by the time my head hit the pillow that night my dad was in recovery following his heart attack and looking like he might be OK.
Thankful is a word that has been buzzing around my head over the last 24 hours or so now. I guess its an odd word to be using when talking about your father having a heart attack. But sitting around in the hospital waiting made me realise just how much we had to be thankful for.

Thankful that my dad had the sense to call my mum who was out shopping when he realised that something might be wrong
Thankful that mum then managed to get hold of my brother who quickly confirmed that this was probably a problem and quick got a ambulance to head to the house
Thankful that the pub landlord in the village answered Tim’s call and headed over to the house to check on dad and direct the ambulance
Thankful that the ambulance found the house quickly and arrived just behind mum arriving back from her cut short shopping trip
Thankful that the paramedics called the hospital and together they decided that Dad’s condition was such that they should skip the local hospital and drive the 38 miles directly to the Primary Care Unit at Swansea
Thankful that the paramedics made the 38 mile trip through West Wales in 25 minutes … they all arrived slightly worse for ware at the hospital due to the roller coaster of a trip … But they arrived safe and quickly!
Thankful that team who were just about to start a long complicated procedure got the call saying my dad was heading in – so they delayed that and were literally standing in the room scrubbed up tools in hand and dad rolled directly from the back of the ambulance.
Thankful that the team sorted out the blockage quickly and that once it was cleared the pain went away and the heart returned to normal
Thankful that the problem was on the “less important” side of his heart
Thankful that the consultant and the other medical staff were able to talk full hospital technical waffle to Tim (Dr Rogerson for those that don’t know him!) and that the bits we didn’t understand he could translate.
Thankful that one of Tim’s friends from medical college that was on the team taking the call from the paramedics and then working with the team as dad arrived.
Thankful that we were able to speak to a fragile but very much alive and functioning dad only a few house after this had all started. It was roughly under 2 hours from 999 to starting recovery in the hospital.
Thankful that we had so many friends dropping is messages saying there were praying / thinking of us.
Thankful that despite the TERRIBLE weather (I know, in Wales, who would have thought it) in three emotional exhausting hours on the road we didn’t have any problems.
Thankful for the moments of humour to brighten the day: Dads 1st meal ” do you want a sausage sandwich … ?” and catching up with news “he married an anaesthetist … bet she’s a real knock-out … “
Thankful for so many things that I haven’t written down here – omission isn’t intentional – just a reflection of my Swiss cheesed brain.
Above all I am thankful that my Dad is recovering well. Its still early days – but I am very hopeful that this will not stop them enjoying their retirement.
I’m not thankful that this happened. But I am thankful that we have a loving Father in heaven who I saw take care of my dad through the lives and actions of people who might not even know Him.

Off to build sand castles August 2011Off to build sand castles August 2011

Off to build sand castles August 2011