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Everybody is different – so what is normal?

One of the things I have been thinking about recently is just how different everybody is. Everything from how some people drink tea not coffee all the way up to how some people “think” in pictures and some in “words”…. Continue Reading →

Virtual Conversations

I am really enjoying blogging at the moment! I am finding writing down my thoughts and feelings really useful – especially when it has been so hard recently My techie / Geeky side of me is really enjoying playing with… Continue Reading →

My 3 year old Daughter on Facebook?

Ok so maybe the title is a little misleading: Over the last few months I have been astonished at how fast things are moving in this technological world. For a self proclaimed geek – I think that’s quite a big… Continue Reading →

And so it begins …..

Hmm My 1st post in my 1st Blog – will this be the start of something great or just something i will forget about !! Only time will tell !!

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