A self proclaimed Geek (and proud!). I am interested in geeky and gadgety things. I am a Christian and am truly blessed to be married to Em and together we have our ever changing cheeky bundles of joy – Amy and Joe!

I have a real interest in space – specifically the technological exploration of it.

I work at RWCMD where I am a Senior Technician. With the team, I look after the day to day running five main venues and all the technical equipment it takes to keep them, the performance and academic sides of the college running.

Much of what I do and enjoy is based in problem solving. It has taken me a while to work out that most of the things i’m good at – and that other people think i’m good at – are based in problem solving. I can take in large amounts of information quickly and work out a solution that sometimes isn’t obvious to others.

Do have a look around at my Blog for my personal view on life and things. My Shed – quite empty at the moment but it will slowly fill up with various projects and things over time. Or MRTS for my work outside of college