Today saw my last ride home from RWCMD – Tomorrow is my last day at RWCMD…

I need to drive in so I can take home my “stuff” after clearing my desk, and locker, and office drawers, and multiple boxes of “things” spread around the building. After 20 years I may have built up a “collection” ….

It’s been a tough week of “lasts”, lots of amazing and encouraging conversations as folks bump into me to say goodbye.

I going to miss so many things about this place. Some things not so much. But its still hard – and that’s OK because that difficulty in leaving is only there because of the good things from the past 20 years.

Monday sees the start of my new job – i’m still slightly in shock that I will be joining CharcoalBlue as an AV Design Consultant.

But before then, one more day,
one day more,
one more day ….