Always Good Weather For Shorts

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Practice Walk

Time Out

My “normal” day in work is … well … not ever really normal. This means that things like coffee breaks and lunch happen at random times, snatched between activities or sometimes not at all. I suspect this is actually quite… Continue Reading →

Time of light.

This is my favourite spot in the house. Especially at this time of light.

You sound funny

So I did that quizz that every other person seems to be doing and it came up with this: People aways seem to struggle to identify my accent – most probably lump me in as a southerner . But according… Continue Reading →


13 – The eve of my baby girl turning 13 is probably not the time to connect, for the 1st time, the start of the teenage years and the “unlucky” number … But here we are! Thinking back to this… Continue Reading →

Snow Time

Happily I already had a day booked off when the “snowmageddon” hit… we had fun in the snow before it melted! And yes – I was wearing shorts…

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