My “normal” day in work is … well … not ever really normal. This means that things like coffee breaks and lunch happen at random times, snatched between activities or sometimes not at all. I suspect this is actually quite familiar for most of you reading this … so I guess that makes it normal ? Anyway debating normality is not the point of this post!

I’m attempting to look after myself a bit better – both physically and mentally. So i’m trying a few things to try and help me function a bit better.

One of the things I have managed to do each day this week is to stop and have a break for lunch, away from my desk. One of the nice things about this term is that there is a balcony near my office that overlooks the park – in the summer it is usually open, So I have been heading out there with my lunch, coffee and headphones to sit and switch off for 20-30 mins. Its been really nice.

I have been listening to the Fully Charged Show podcast, That alone is great but I have realized that I can’t listen to that and do my normal mindless scroll through news and social media feeds. So I just stop and listen.

I still feel slightly guilty returning to the office after my break – which is daft. Yep we are crazy busy but … well we are always crazy busy – there is always more that I could be doing. But actually by doing less for a little bit i’m hoping I will be able to do more in the rest of the time.

Nothing scientific – but the fact that my memories of this week in work now include sunshine, trees and peace.. well that has to be a good thing right?