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The approach of number 12

As usual it new years eve, and we are settled down for a quiet evening in. Call me sad, boring, whatever … I don’t mind! This is my preferred way to spend new years eve! Stuff goes bang and smells a bit funny …. When I was younger… Continue Reading →


On thursday lunch time this week I got a call to from my brother letting me know that he thought my dad was having a heart attack. The next 10 or so hours are a bit of blur – but… Continue Reading →

And Then There Were 3 – Epilogue

Well its been a while – both blogging and this topic. Wanted to write a little bit – an epilogue. Actually its is probably not quite the right title as I have previously said that there isn’t really and end to this – its always going… Continue Reading →

Dr Who visits Dr Tim

Yep Dr Who have filmed part of the new season in my brothers garage !!! How cool is that ! Here is a pic of my bro and friends (inc Billie Piper)!! She has signed his garage wall as well… Continue Reading →

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