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Ponderings on a +

Ok before you read this – if you haven’t already go and read this Google+ post and watch the video – don’t worry I will still be here when you get back! OK back now? Right – standby for REALLY random ponderings on Google+,… Continue Reading →

New brain for my old brain…

Right trying something a little different with this blog post.. Not sure how well it will work – but hey as I have said before this is my blog and if you don’t want to know what interests me or makes me… Continue Reading →

Music music everywhere but not a drop to drink….

I have been an avid user of Spotify since it launched. I was lucky enough to get in on the early launch and it quickly replaced my previous source of music . I loved being able legitimately listen to… Continue Reading →

Shooting for the Moon

Took some time out tonight to have a go on my simple telescope again. Weather was lovely and warm – but being Cardiff and having a street lamp at the bottom of my garden – visibility aint great! plus I still haven’t worked out how to set-up my scope properly so… Continue Reading →

New Phone, Blue Sky, Short post …

Ok so let’s see where this goes! I kinda wish you could see me typing this – if all my clever geekery works out as planned this entire post will be written from my new phone whilst relaxing on my… Continue Reading →

Virtual Conversations

I am really enjoying blogging at the moment! I am finding writing down my thoughts and feelings really useful – especially when it has been so hard recently My techie / Geeky side of me is really enjoying playing with… Continue Reading →

My 3 year old Daughter on Facebook?

Ok so maybe the title is a little misleading: Over the last few months I have been astonished at how fast things are moving in this technological world. For a self proclaimed geek – I think that’s quite a big… Continue Reading →

been a while …. ahem

Well i am sure nobody is readying this now !! Just thought it was worth a post. A lot has happened in the tech world since i started this blog – I am now on facebook and twitter – probably… Continue Reading →

Spy shots from a wedding

I go undercover with a rubbish cameraphone @ Ruth and Andy’s wedding rather anoyingly – after downloading my pics from my propper camera – this was one of my best pics !!

Geek Out !!!

WARNING: The following post contains lots of stuff that excited geeks – please feel free not to read it !!! OK -Further to my previous post about installing Windows XP on a virtual machine in Ubuntu (lunux) Just finished watching… Continue Reading →

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