Well i am sure nobody is readying this now !!
Just thought it was worth a post. A lot has happened in the tech world since i started this blog –
I am now on facebook and twitter – probably a bit more than i should be.
I listen to music via last.fm
Google reader has completely changed how i browse the web
I run linux (ubuntu) on my home pc and when i need windows i power up a Virtual pc that runs inside linux
I remote desktop in to my work machine so i can work from home
I have push email and 500mb of free data month on my phone so the Internet and my “connected” life is never very far away…
is that a good thing?

well it means i feel a lot more “connected” to other people – the illusion that other people are out there reading what you are up to and “following” you – makes you (well ok me) feel a little less lonely. Thats sounds a bit sad (as in sniff snff) its not really meant to be – i think i am actually quite solitary by nature (but is that a reaction or just as I always have been ….) I love my family to bits and really couldn’t imagine life without my precious girls (and bump!!)
Real life is wonderful and hard
Virtual life is … what ? web2.0 … ? glossy ? 2D ?
Which one is better?
Would i prefer one or the other?
Hell NO!
each compliments the other – each provides a balance and base to the other.
Sure if I lost all the things in my “real” life I would be devastated and completely and hopelessly lost. The loss of my virtual life I would not feel the same – but it would still hit me hard. It’s amazing how important a bunch of 1’s and 0’s are to me.
frustratingly I cant sum this up in words – its times like this when i wish i took art instead of drama (I was an A grade student in art believe it or not !!) I just have a picture in my head – twines of 1’s and 0’s weaving in and out of luscious green complex vines – each supporting the other, each depending on the others strengths to fill their weakness.
Its a lovely picture.
Well in my head it is – unfortunately my head dosent have a “post to facebook” button …..