I have previously blogged about the fact that I felt it was appropriate for me to wear trousers in work and generally smarten up my appearance to match more with the manager part of my role at the college.
Well there have been some significant changes at the college – and my role has now changed slightly.
My decision to wear trousers and smarten up was because it was appropriate for someone in my role to have a smart appearance. My new role in the college still demands that I  should present a smart appearance to our internal and external customers. But my new role also requires me to be more of a hands on practical technician – and in a building where the heating always appears to be on full –  and with my build probably consisting of more “insulation” than it should – Trousers simply aren’t appropriate all of the time.
So when its appropriate I will wear shorts. When its appropriate I will wear trousers. When it appropriate I will put on my new shirt/trousers/shoes that I recently bought with the help of my personal shopper (thanks Bro !)
So always good weather for shorts … still not entirely accurate for me in work. But in my new role shorts are going to be appropriate far more often.