Its now been a few sleeps since that lonely night. So many people have said so many lovely things. So many people have done so many lovely things for us. So many people have been lost for words but just let us know there were thinking of us – and that was enough.
I do wonder if @ this point it is easier to be me than you?
There is nothing you can say to make this any easier for me. But there is a massive pressure to “make things better” and to “say the right thing”. I dont think there is anything people can say to make things better. Thats not to put down those that have tried. It just an observation. Just knowing people are there is enough.
In the past few days we have been overwhelmed by so many wonderfully kind things.
Em’s homegroup are cooking us meals – very very nice meals. we have a VERY healthy supply of chocolate and cake (in the “large healthy” not “good for you health” way). An anonymous friend has sent a £50 Tesco gift card. We have some really lovely cards and flowers. My work has said to take as much time as you need. Lots of people have offered to take Amy if we need a break.
The weather is beautiful here at the moment – its really helping things.
We are obviously desperately sad but as i said in my 1st post – I dont expect that to go away – I will just learn to live with it. We haven’t had to deal with many people in real life at the moment – but we are taking things slowly – trying to have as much fun as possible with Amy and spend time together as a family. Not forgetting number 4 – but savouring 1, 2 and 3.
We had a lovely day today:

We went out to toddler Techniquest and then on to DRIVE THROUGH Starbucks! (Picture Above!) The weather has been beautiful the picture does not look like it was taken in Cardiff !!
Anyway I am running out of steam so i will call it a day for now. I will hope to post again over the next few days.
Thank you for you thoughts and prayers over the last few days.
Thank you for your company virtual / real / in mind
We are doing ok – we are a lot better off mentally and physically than I though we would be.
We are shattered – but are feeling LOT better than we have done for the last few months
We feel very special and loved my so many people
We are sad
But thats ok
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