I don’t normally post about random things like this but then i realised. This is my blog – if you don’t really want to know about things that make me laugh/smile/pick jaw up off floor then you are kinda in the wrong place!! So Partially inspired by my good friend Ruthy (who also posts random things that make her smile on her blog) here are 2 videos that made my jaw hit the floor.
Thanks to these articles where I found them:
I am very glad people have taken the time to make these videos – especially right now when things are so stressful and lots of people are going through some horrible things. Yep the apparent disregard these people show for their own lives is … well a bit shocking … – But looking at them – they are crazy by my standards of “normal” safety – but I don’t think these people are crazy – ie someone needs to come and lock them up. I guess they just have a great trust in their own equipment and skills.
That trust is admirable
But admirable