Another … interesting week – did feel like I was drowning for some of it. Just too many things to do and all needing to happen … yesterday – typical ….

But then it snowed

I cycled home on my bike – 3.5 miles – very slowly – but sooo, sooo much faster than driving through a gridlocked Cardiff!

It was awesome !! No idea why but I arrived home grinning from ear to ear !!

On paper – cycling through snow, in shorts, with basically slick Tyres surrounded by cars not expecting to see a bike .. well it should have been hell …

But it wasn’t – I really , really enjoyed it !

I came home to a very excited little girl !! We went back out and built 3 snowmen!! Am now setting down with nice decaff coffee, chocolate and the lovely company of graham, Ellen and Toby

Long may this niceness continue !!!

And yes I have been wearing shorts all day

I am a nutter

And I don’t care