Well an update I promised so an update is delivered!
I can’t and wont go in to the specifics as again that’s not appropriate in this public space
I think I am free to talk about my personal feelings and reactions to today though.
As I said in my previous post I was doing “fine” yesterday and I am sure that is totally God’s doing – I should have been a wreck.
Late last night I started to panic a bit and this morning wasn’t as easy as yesterday. Again – I am sure God was there with me – I didn’t have the calm of the previous day -but I feel I saw him work through the texts from friends and through discussions and conversations over the morning.
I know in my heart that my God is there holding my hand – I am just praying that I can keep holding it rather than grabbing the nearest physical thing to hold me steady in this storm.
I am sad that friends will not be around here as much, I am sad that so much pain and stress has been caused – especially when in my view things could have been done to make it easier. But then I only have a narrow view from the trenches – I am not aware of the wider picture. I guess it could have been much worse and there isn’t really a nice way to do this …
I am now scrambling to ensure the high level of service that we aim to deliver is maintained – term starts on Monday and I don’t want this to negatively affect the students. I am confident that out the other side of this the students will have a positive, improved experience. I think in the short term it might be a bit tricky – but hopefully that wont last long.
As I was writing this post – specifically the bit about seeing God through the actions and words of others – I got an email positively confirming one issue that was causing me a great deal of worry. Co-incidence, God-incidence either way its cool.