Well it would appear that i was not as good i had originally planned to be at updating this blog of mine !!
I will be attempting to do it a bit more often this year – kinda a new years resolution – not calling it that though as the way my brain works it just makes me want to not do it – i have an odd brain … !!

Anyway check out Amy’s blog for what’s been happening since i fell asleep
what’s happening now … erm
1 – we just missed out on buying a new house – bit frustrating but probably good in the long term it needed a LOT of work and even though i had all the best intentions in the world to do it – chances are i would not have managed it – lots of stress avoided there then !!
2 – linerider – very very very adictive and cool game – there are some people who think that one day it will be as well know and played as tetris/ minesweeper – time will tell – it is very cool though
3 – Amy – wonderful as ever – was hard to go back to work after spending Christmas at home with her and Em for a week – was great to have that time together – but she is now getting up in the morning looking round for me – i am already in work by the time she gets up ….
4 – firefox – a little dull – but when writing this post i have just remember the coolness of one of its features – its a little obvious but – built in spell checker !! very useful for me and i do wonder how we nearly managed to get to the end of 2006 without a built in spell checker in our web browsers as standard!!
anyway hopefully more posts here soon !!