Well its been  while since I have blogged. I have been on Google+ for the past few years – but sadly that seems to be dying – mainly from Google’s apparently toddler like attention span for some of its products rather than any issues with the platform.
Anyway as the title suggests this isn’t supposed to be a post about Google+ it is a Possibly Political Post. Well actually its a post that ticks all the boxes for the most anti click-bait post ever … as its a possibly political definitely “religious” post.
So you are still here?
Hi Mom!
Anyway – the election of Trump (or Trumpshit as I have heard it called – and definitely not sniggered like an 8 year old) like many people I have spent the last few days pondering what it actually might mean – and how on earth did it happen.
Sadly as a Christian I feel a sense of blame – well in the collective sense of I’m a Christian and it looks very likely that Christians are one of the reasons why the Golden Calf is now at the head of the table. I realise that this sense of responsibility is utterly ridiculous. In the same way that the assertion that if you are a Muslim you are a terrorist and that if you voted for trump you are a racist, stupid bigot. However that feeling still persists.
It looks very likely that ” Evangelical Christians ” voted en-mass for Trump.
To be honest – that is a very big question that I don’t have the skills or knowledge to answer. I know from folks much wiser than I that that group of Christians are hyper focused on abortion. Clinton is very much pro-choice so that would explain some of it.
I have read a lot this week – lots of really thoughtful, well written pieces from different points of view. Although I have to admit, like all of us, my digital world is filtered down mostly to things I like to see or are interested in – so my reading hasn’t been especially wide.
Of all of the things I read – it’s a simple short Blog post from one of my favourite bands that most struck a chord. What surprised me is that the post was written back in 2013 about a song they had just released. Just a heads up before you click through to have a read – Five Iron Frenzy are … an acquired taste … I love what they do – powerful challenging lyrics in one song – utterly insane off the wall ones the next.
Don’t feel you have to listen to the song – but do have a read of the blog: