Today is the last day of my holiday. I have been lucky enough to be off for the whole of August. It has been a really nice break. Unfortunately with all that free time i never “got around” to updating my blog. In fact with all that free time I never got round to doing much really – there is still a big pile of DIY things to be done – and there is still a lot of things a need to sort out that i could have done whilst i was off.
Thats a bit rubbish to think about really – I could beat myself up a bit and feel like its all been a bit of a waste – in fact that is a tempting option – but I am not going to. I have had a really lovley break with some great moment – so in the words of a cheesy presenter type person. “here are just a few of them” ….

Curtains Up! 2009 – Back to Basics

Right at the start of August (way way back many centuries ago …) we packed our bags, and a truck …. and headed off to the beautiful surroundings of Rendcomb College for CU!09 “Back to Basics”
I have been going to Curtains Up! since it 1st started back in 1999 – I have been privileged to lead it with Em for the past few years. This year we were joined in overall leadership by Alex Taylor. It was a really nice year. That may sound a little odd – but, for me, “nice” is probably the best word to describe CU!09. It wasn’t massively dramatic (good or bad) we didn’t have any standout “arrrgggg” moments – it was just … well … Nice !
The Crew were a real pleasure to lead and the Cast helped to make it a really easy, fun week. I am not going to bore you with lots of stories of what we got up to – but this video that i put together for the final show i think gives a good idea of what went on!:
My standout memory from this year was during Paul and Ricks evening meeting. I was able to take a step back for a bit and just watch the Crew in action during the evening meeting. It was amazing to watch this team of volunteers from all different background, all gifted in different things, all working together, so clearly guided by God. Some were up at the front clearly putting across the message God had given them. Some were at the back invisibly dealing with technical things. Some were sitting near some of the cast that needed a gentle reminder that listened to what was going on up @ the front would be good … Some were preparing the next part of the evening meeting. Some were entering in to the evening meeting fully involved and willing to listen to Gods message and were carrying the Cast along with them.
I was really, really wonderful to see.
And now for something completely different:
I had to put that in – that is the result of a mammoth editing session by Jon – we worked on th Film workshops during the week. Unfortunately we were a little overambitious and didn’t have anything to show for the final performance. Even after an all day valiant effort by Rick we still couldn’t get the pieces finished. Jon did a bit of inspired editing and chopped the work Rick and the Cast had done! Top Job!
I still miss CU! and the temporary community that we create every year. It is a very special place and a very special time for us.

Sofa Time

Definitely another of my highlights of the sumer! One of the bonuses of being away for nearly 2 weeks (and very busy the week before then) was that upon our return we had a LOT of good telly to catch up on on our Sky+ box! So every evening Me and Em have been able to settle down once Amy was in bed a have a very nice time watching lots of very good telly.
I have eaten a little bit too much chockie and done precisely 0 exercise… so i am not looking forward to cycling tomorrow … especially as one of the things i didn’t get round to was getting my new bike ….
I have also been able to spend a lot of time with Amy – and that has been wonderful. I am really, really going to miss her when i go back to work …

Having a Dam good time on the beach….

Just last week we met up with my brother and his family, my parent and Aunty Judith. We had a great time on the beach where the rogerson me returned to holiday form by building massive water works to divert the course of a raging torrent small stream. We had a great time playing on the beach we just missed the rain, it wasn’t too hot or cold. was really nice!
We also took Amy swimming for the 1st time – not in the sea I hasten to add !! We made a trip down to the International Pool in Cardiff Bay. It was really fun! It’s one of the “leisure” pools so it had lots of slides and things going on – Amy wasn’t quite of for that yet – but we spent about an hour playing around in the shallow section of the pool. From what other friends have said we were expecting her to play for a few minutes get bored and want to get out! We were quite glad that after all the effort she had a really lovely time!
Amy has just woken up – will pop back later and finish this off!