Last week we found out we lost our baby
He (we don’t know if it was a “he” but that what both our guts think he was) would have been 17 weeks in to his time growing in Em last week. But the doctors think that the scan shows he dies around 4 weeks ago. He would have been just over 13 weeks old.
We are obviously desperately sad
I don’t think that sadness will ever go away – I dont think that’s a bad thing. Its just something you learn to live with. It become part of who you are. He would have been a part of our lives and changed them – so I dont see a problem with the fact of his death (there I said it) will affect us as well.
I know its probably sound a bit cheesy (I was going to say “cleshed” but as you can see I cant spell it ..) but I we have both really seen God in this. I wanted to write a bit about – partially because God has been so obvious I feel it is important to write about it but also I want to write things down before I forget the little details that make up this important story in my life.
I am going to break this down in to bits – its turning in to a mammoth post! – Click here for the Next Part