I have to be honest – I’m not a huge fan of winter.
Sure it sometimes gives me an opertunity to wander around in the snow wearing shorts …
It also brings Christmas – which is wonderful and a great break from the norm.
But it also brings short days, more wet weather and a general lethargy.
The lethargy seems to grow as we approach Christmas – the joy of Christmas slowly turns to a hope that Christmas will bring rest, joy and happiness. This in turn becomes a need for Christmas. A need to stop, pause the daily chaos and busyness and enjoy just being for a bit.
For me the point of need arrived a bit sooner this year. I’m not 100% sure why but the stresses of work will certainly have contributed. Also being punched in the neck by a drunk certainly didn’t help..
So yep I am looking forward to Christmas.
Like so many others if you ask me that I will answer with a smile on my lips.

Oh yes I can’t wait!!

But you will probably be able to read my eyes as they say that I need Christmas!
But I’m trying to not let that need erase the now.
The beautiful sunrises as reasonable hours of the day.
The chance to hang out with friends an colleagues
The Christmas concerts and events
The decorations
The anticipation
The fun